As a young child, I marveled at the pottery that I saw in our local museum in Upstate NY. It amazed me that “sticky dirt” from the ground could be molded into various shapes with different degrees of character and hardened into an object that could last “forever”. I could often be found happily sitting on the garage floor shaping the clay found in our garden into crude figurines or little cups and saucers.

After raising a family, I returned to college in Upstate NY to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Work. However, my passion for shaping various materials into artistic pieces went unfulfilled. My spouse and I relocated to Southern California in 2000. It was at that time that I began to pursue course work and professional training in hand shaped pottery.

Since that time, I purchased a kiln and have created several pieces using a variety of techniques, including slab, coil, inlay and modeling. My work, although not perfectly shaped, demonstrates a series of different functional and artistic uses.

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Sharon Russell-Shaw

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